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TeethXpress dental implants are in high demand among patients for many reasons. They are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth and achieving fully functional dentures. This procedure is so popular and desirable because you can enjoy great results with just a few hours spent in the dental office. Implant-supported dentures of this kind are implanted in a single day so you can leave the office with a smile.

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What is TeethXpress?

When your natural teeth are too damaged to be treated, opting for replacement teeth is often the best option. This will protect not only the health of your gums, but also your overall health. You will eliminate the pain caused by poor dentures and be able to chew more effectively. TeethXpress is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that, following surgery, will implant replacement teeth so you can have a better quality of life.

TeethXpress does not require multiple treatment sessions. After just one visit to our office, which will last around four to five hours, depending on the complexity of the treatment, you will go home with a new set of teeth and a smile on your face.

In our office, you will find dentists qualified to perform this procedure. This procedure will provide you with a long-lasting cosmetic dental treatment that allows you to enjoy the simple things in life, such as eating without discomfort.


TeethXpress Procedure Process

Getting new teeth through the TeethXpress procedure is very simple, especially since you will be guided and assisted every step of the way by our professionals. Before starting the treatment, an initial consultation is required to evaluate the remaining teeth.

After this, the dentist will make a personalized plan for each individual patient. Dr. Richer or Dr. Rivera will ensure you do not suffer from gum disease and have a strong enough bone structure to support the implants. This ensures the implantation process will go smoothly.

In the next step, our dental surgeon will remove the damaged teeth before the procedure begins so they can replace them with dentures. The extractions, as well as the rest of the process, will be done under local anesthesia.

Afterward, the dental implants will be inserted into the patient's mouth in the proper position to fit comfortably. An average of 4 to 6 dental implants are usually required to secure the dentures. Immediately afterward, the abutments are attached to the abutment posts to ensure the dentures are correctly fixed and firm.

Once the implants are in place, everything is ready for the placement of the new teeth. When patients already have a denture from a prior procedure, our surgeons can use the existing denture in the surgery. Once your new prosthetic teeth are connected in place, you are ready to leave the office with a new smile and more confidence than ever before!


Is TeethXpress Right for Me?

Many people have suffered from tooth loss and struggle with the consequences. The simple act of eating without discomfort is something many people dream about. If you use removable dentures to eat or enjoy a smile as close to a natural one as possible, you certainly understand the challenges of regular dentures and the pressure it puts on your gums. However, with the advancement of technology all of this has come to an end!

TeethXpress Hicksville, NY

TeethXpress is the solution to take away your denture problems. It is an invasive procedure, and since a surgeon performs this procedure, it is classified as surgery. Therefore, it is normal for patients to meet certain conditions to benefit from new implant dentures following TeethXpress. However, the requirements are not very complicated, and most adult patients qualify for this procedure.

Let us assist you and give you the chance to live a carefree life again when it comes to eating.

Set up an appointment with our dentist to see if TeethXpress is right for you!


Is TeethXpress painful?

Most patients had minimal or no discomfort during surgery. Because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, you will not feel any pain while the surgeon works. Some discomfort will occur once the anesthesia begins to wear off, but this is normal and is often not as intense as expected.

Is TeethXpress better than traditional dentures?

Removable dentures are made of acrylic and attach to the gums with an adhesive. For this reason, they require daily adjustments and frequent visits to the dentist to ensure a good fit.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are permanent prosthetic teeth. Once they have been put in place by a professional, they require very little maintenance and behave like normal teeth. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, implants are now the solution to tooth loss and providing a better quality of life.

How should I care for a TeethXpress implant?

Implant prosthesis does not require special care once the healing process is finished. Our dentists will provide you with all the necessary information for both before and after the procedure. They will prescribe a regimen of oral hygiene you must follow at home, which will include regular tooth brushing as the main element.

Of course, it is necessary to make routine visits to ensure everything is as it should be. It is also recommended to have professional teeth cleaning sessions at intervals to maintain the health of your oral cavity.

Are extractions necessary for TeethXpress?

A visit to the dentist will determine if a tooth extraction is necessary prior to the TeethXpress procedure. In some patients, it is necessary to extract teeth that can no longer be repaired by simple dentistry procedures and replace them with an implanted artificial tooth.

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