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A flexible, pain-free way to straighten teeth without the restrictions of traditional braces, Invisalign achieves super straightening with a gentle, progressive course of treatment. Dr. Michael Richer and Dr. Nadia Rivera offer convenient consultations, practical tooth-straightening treatments, and proactive dental care at R+R Dental in Hicksville, NY.

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What is Invisalign Treatment Like?

As the name suggests, Invisalign is a practically invisible tooth-straightening method that has all but replaced traditional metal braces. These custom-molded trays are a removable, pain-free, and visually appealing style of orthodontics. Gone are the days of suffering through a mouth full of uncomfortable metal brackets, since today’s technology offers simple solutions to tooth positioning challenges.

With this process, computer imaging delivers flexible and comfortable 3D trays. The result is a set of precisely printed aligners that fit your mouth. Throughout treatment, you’ll wear progressive sets of aligners that will slowly and painlessly move your teeth into optimal position.

Typical treatment plans last up to twelve months for adults, transforming a lifetime of tooth discomfort into a functional and flattering mouthful of straight teeth. For teens, the timeframe for complete straightening may be significantly shorter.

Additionally, the overall length of treatment depends on the severity of each patient’s condition, so Dr. Richer and Dr. Rivera will discuss potential scenarios with you at your first visit. Preliminary visits also involve mapping out a plan for straightening your teeth, all through digital imaging.

How is Invisalign Different?

Years ago, the only option for straightening teeth was a full set of braces. With metal brackets and colorful elastic bands, braces were an inconvenient way to achieve straight, beautiful teeth. Metal pieces scraped delicate mouth tissues, and elastics popped off at inopportune times. Now, advanced technology delivers advanced methods of transforming your smile.

Your customized teeth aligners are precisely contoured to your mouth, and each set serves as a smooth transition toward straighter teeth. As you progress through each set of aligners, your teeth begin to shift almost imperceptibly. By the end of treatment, you’ll see a drastic change in your smile. No tightening of brackets or re-attaching wires required!

Wear your aligners for only 20 to 22 hours per day, as they are removable so that patients may eat and drink as usual during the process. Rather than intricately flossing and avoiding foods that may stick in metal braces, Invisalign users just remove their aligners before eating and drinking. Afterward, they brush and floss as usual, then reinsert the aligners.

While transitioning into your first or a new set of aligners, you might feel slight pressure for a few days as you adjust. After this time, wearing your new aligners should be nearly imperceptible. In contrast to traditional braces, clear aligners have no metal elements to scrape against teeth or gums and won’t cause bleeding or swelling.

During treatment, you will regularly visit with either of our doctors to check progress, roughly every four to six weeks. During these visits, they will discuss your treatment plan, view digital progressions of your projected results, and answer any questions you might have about the process.

Who Will Benefit from Invisalign?

Dental patients from early teens to mature adults benefit from this method of treatment. While each patient’s course of treatment depends on his or her tooth positioning and other variables, this tooth straightening method works for a range of ages and oral health needs.

Even patients who have previously worn braces or used retainers may benefit from switching to this tooth-straightening method. Past use of braces or retainers does not disqualify patients from beginning treatment with aligners, but you will need to consult with one of R+R Dental’s dental staff to thoroughly address your specific needs.

Adults who have spent a lifetime dealing with crooked teeth and awkward smiles no longer have to struggle through months of wearing highly visible metal braces. Teens won’t have to worry about rubber bands breaking in the middle of the school day. All patients avoid potential staining of the teeth under brace surfaces since the clear trays are removable.

Some patients may require the use of a retainer to keep their smiles straight once treatment concludes. Other patients may not need a long-term retainer, but consultation with one of R+R Dental’s dentists will determine your individual needs.

Whether you’re feeling apprehensive about beginning a new course of treatment, or you’re concerned about the cost of treatment options, contact R+R Dental to find out more and discuss your options for developing a healthier, straighter smile and see if Invisalign is right for you!

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