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Oral health is just as important as physical health, if not more. Dental care is crucial to have healthy teeth and for overall oral well-being. If you’re here, we assume you have decided to seek personalized care for your teeth, which is an excellent first step.

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R & R Denta provides a full range of high-quality dental care services, including oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, and more! Now’s your chance to have the perfect set of teeth for life in Bethpage, NY. Contact our dental clinic in Bethpage, NY, and get the best dentists in the city to look after your oral health.

What Is Considered A Dental Emergency In Bethpage?

Dental emergencies are situations where patients could experience excruciating pain in their mouth, swelling, or any other discomfort. It’s never wise to ignore such issues. If you’re feeling pain in your mouth, it’s essential to consult dentists.

While some dental issues can wait till morning, specific dental emergencies need the immediate attention of an experienced family dental professional. Here are some dental emergencies that you need to be aware of in Bethpage. Call R & R Dental for dental implants and other procedures.

Severe toothache

Toothaches can be of varying degrees and could be triggered by different things in different patients. They should never be taken lightly. If you feel a sudden and inexplicable toothache, schedule an emergency appointment with professional dentists in Bethpage immediately. Your family oral surgeon would diagnose and draw a personalized treatment for you. Contact R & R Dental for emergency dental services like dental implants in Bethpage.

Swollen mouth

Swelling inside of the mouth is not a common occurrence in patients. There could be some underlying infection or something similar that could be causing it. Timely treatment is important in such situations. If your mouth or jaw has swollen, contact R & R Dental in Bethpage to get immediate emergency attention. We provide a range of dentistry services in Bethpage, including dental implants.

Knocked out teeth

Accidents can happen; sometimes, those accidents could result in missing teeth. This happens due to heavy impact. You must act quickly if your teeth are knocked out of your mouth. If you act quickly, the fallen tooth will be preserved and reinstated by a professional dentist. Here is what you should do if your teeth fall out due to impact.

  • Pick up the tooth by the top and rinse it. Do not scrub the tooth
  • Put the tooth in a container filled with water or milk
  • Visit your nearest family oral surgeon and have it reinserted.

For the best dental procedures in Bethpage, call R & R Dental. From restorative dentistry to tooth extractions and fixing of missing teeth, among other things, we offer dental care and comprehensive dental procedures to ensure that our patients get the best treatment. Call us to schedule an appointment today for dental care or dental implants.

Broken dental crowns

Broken and fallen dental crowns can expose your tooth to infection and other damage. It’s never a good idea to put off going to a family dentist if this happens. Schedule a dentist appointment as and when your dental crown breaks. Your family dentist could replace the crown before the worst could happen. This would also prevent the need for getting an extraction, root canal, or any other dental care procedure done in Bethpage.

Lodged food

If food is lodged in your teeth and flossing or brushing has not helped, it’s essential to see a family professional immediately. Lodged food could cause several dental issues. Don’t let it get worse. Schedule a visit with R & R Dental in Bethpage and get relevant dental procedures like dental implants. We provide the highest quality general dentistry and implants to patients in Bethpage.

Dentist Near Bethpage

Why Choose R+R Dental In Bethpage?

R+R Dental provides a complete range of general dentistry services in Bethpage, NY. From fillings, implants, Invisalign, and crowns to extractions and tooth replacements, we offer several premium dental services. Our patients trust us for our expertise, modern technology, hygienic facility, and comfort we provide. We will run some tests during the visit and make an in-depth diagnosis to pinpoint the issue. We would then draw out a personalized treatment plan for you and prescribe suitable dental medicine in Bethpage.

Here are some of the dental care services and procedures we offer in Bethpage -

  • Resolving tooth pain
  • Dental cleanings
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Dental implants
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Dental surgery
  • Root canals
  • Restoration of broken teeth
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Emergency Dentistry
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Invisalign

Dentist Near Bethpage, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

What are early signs of dental trouble?

Dental issues in life could be of several types, and not every dental problem could result in the same kind of symptoms. Here are some signs of dental trouble that you should be aware of.

  • Mouth sores
  • Dry mouth
  • Swollen gums
  • Jaw pain
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bade breath
  • Tooth Sensitivity

These are only a few symptoms to name. If you feel any of the signs mentioned above in your life, seek dental care immediately.

How often do normal people go to the dentist?

Seeing a family oral surgeon is not only advised for people with dental issues but also for healthy people in life. People with no dental problems should visit an oral surgeon after every six months. For some people, once a year suffices too. But those with dental issues should see a dentist after every 3-4 months at least, more often if a professional recommends.

How to choose a dentist?

You need to choose the person you trust for your oral health care. If you’re new to a city or have never really gone to a dentist, then you’d have to consider a few things before choosing a dentist for your family. Here is how you can find one.

Stay local - While researching, ensure that the dentist is local. Make a list of dental offices in your city and start from there.

Meet the top dental professionals in the city - Schedule a visit with the shortlisted dental professionals to test the waters and your rapport with them. See if they are knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly enough.

Look into their credentials and dental practice - You would want a dentist with the right qualifications, experience, and expertise. See how long they have practiced dentistry. Such information could be extracted from the internet and their office.

Check their testimonials - See what their previous patients have to say about them, and choose accordingly.
Schedule a visit with us today to get the highest quality dental services like implants in Bethpage.

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