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Dentist Near Plainview

If you are looking for a dentist in Plainview, NY, look no further than R & R dental. Our dental practice includes cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and various other services that cater to all patients’ dental needs. From implants, teeth whitening, crowns, and veneers, we offer all services that give you a healthy and beautiful smile. So for the best dental care and improved oral health in Plainview, NY, 11803, please book an appointment with our office today to get our featured services. 

Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

The golden rule to keep your teeth healthy is to visit a dentist regularly, preferably every 6-12 months. Between these appointments, you can do several things to self-maintain your dental health. By having basic dental habits, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Here are some tips to keep your smile healthy.

Brush Twice Daily

This is something our elders always taught us, and for a good reason. If you did not follow it then; start following it now. Brushing your teeth in the morning and at night before going to bed can do wonders for your oral hygiene. Doing so will remove the plaque and germs collected in your teeth and mouth during the day. 

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Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste can reduce the chances of tooth decay by battling the germs that cause it. Ensure that you use toothpaste that contains fluoride for the best results. 

Floss Regularly

Flossing once a day can remove the foods that brushing alone will be unable to. It can reach between your teeth and do an extraordinary job at cleaning. Make flossing a part of your daily brushing routine, and you will notice how it affects your oral health. If you have never flossed before, you may find flossing difficult. But do not let the challenge deter you from including this habit. Look for ways to make flossing more manageable, such as ready-to-use dental flossers. You can check out good floss options online and choose the one that fits your needs. 

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash can have additional benefits for your dental health. It can reduce the acid in your mouth, clean the region in and around the gums that the brushing cannot reach, and remineralize the teeth. However, not every mouthwash is ideal for every person. If you have sensitive teeth, you may have to consult an oral doctor and get recommendations based on your unique requirements. R & R Dental office can recommend the best oral hygiene products. Please book an appointment with our office today. 

Drink More Water

Water is an excellent drink for your overall health and oral health. For the best smile, drinking water after each meal is ideal. In addition, the water can eliminate the adverse effects of acidic and sticky foods and drinks between the brushes. If you want to speak to trained periodontics  about additional ways to keep your mouth healthy, talk to R & R Dental in Plainview, NY, 11803. We can provide you with the best dental experience.

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Why Choose R + R Dental For The Best Smiles?

R + R Dental has an extensive dental practice and offers a vast range of oral hygiene services in Plainview, NY. We pride ourselves on our dedicated dentists, our fully-equipped clinic, and the friendliness of our staff, that are here to make you as comfortable as possible. If you have an oral condition or have a healthy set of teeth that require regular check-ups, we are here to cater to all your needs and tailor a treatment plan. Here is a list of services we offer to our patients in Plainview.

Our Services 

Please schedule an appointment with us for any of these dental care services. We can give our patients the brightest smile with our offerings and strive to make you as confident in yourself as possible. So visit our office now, or call to speak to us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should patients know before going to a dentist?

Before you go to the dentist, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the experience as fruitful as possible. 

  • Go to dentists for regular check-ups, and do not make it a one-time event, even if your teeth are healthy. 
  • Do not feel embarrassed. Your dentist sees mouth issues daily. They are conditioned to treat problems without any judgments. Feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns. 
  • There is no shortcut to good oral health. You must do the hard work of brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist regularly. So, it is futile to ask your dentist for an easy dental hack that you can use. 
  • Consider insurance and see if you get full or partial coverage before going to the dentist. 

What should patients not do before going to the dentist?

Professionals recommend you not eat or drink anything at least 5 hours before your dentist appointment. The only thing you can drink during this period is water. By not consuming food or other beverages, you can prevent anything from being lodged between your teeth.

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