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Dental Crowns In Hicksville, NY

Dental crowns are an excellent covering for teeth with damaged structures from decay. They can make your teeth look good and work properly. Thanks to modern technology, cementing the crown has become considerably easier. The wait has become shorter, and the crown has become way more effective.

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For the best crowns, you need to visit a dental office that is equipped with state-of-the-art innovations like advanced dental technology to get the job done quickly and effectively.

If you’re looking to have dental crowns cemented in Hicksville, NY, schedule an appointment with R & R dental to fix damaged teeth and get a bright and happy smile in no time. If you’re wondering what a dental crown is or how it can help you, this all-inclusive guide covers all the questions about dental crowns you may have.

What Is A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are coverings or caps that are cemented on damaged teeth to restore the shape, look, size, and strength of the tooth. The damage can occur for many reasons, such as decay or injuries. The teeth can also get distorted over the years. Your dentist will be able to cement the crown on the affected tooth to fix all the issues.

Dental crowns also serve as protection for damaged teeth. Several materials are used to make dental crowns, with the most popular of them being porcelain; porcelain fused to metal, metals, ceramic, and resin is also quite common.

Speak to your dentist to know which one is the best for you. You can also choose from a temporary crown, a one-day crown, or Onlay or 3/4 crown. Temporary crowns will stay in the mouth for a short period and won’t be as strong as a permanent one, which is a more long-term solution. Meanwhile, one-day crown procedures can be finished in just a single day. An onlay or 3/4 crown covers a portion of your tooth when full coverage is not needed. There could be side effects, such as a dark line beside the gum line, but these are normal and nothing to panic over.

Dental Crowns In Hicksville

Who Needs Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns restore and fix a range of tooth issues. If you’re struggling with any of the problems listed below, you may need to visit a dental office to get healthy teeth. Call R & R dental in Hicksville, NY, for general dentistry or bridges in the city.

  • A weak tooth from decay or any other reason
  • A broken tooth or worn-out tooth
  • A tooth that is being supported by a large filling
  • Discolored on a misshapen tooth that needs covering
  • A dental implant that needs covering
  • The tooth being treated with a root canal that needs covering
  • Requires a procedure to secure a dental bridge 

If you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, or broken and large fillings won’t cut it for you, then you’d need dental crowns to fix the issue. Call R & R Dental for crowns and bridges.

Procedure For Dental Crowns

Dental crown procedures can be of two types - single-day or multi-day.

Multi-Day Procedure

  • Your dentist would examine your tooth through X-Rays and prepare it for the procedure by taking your tooth’s mold.
  • A part of your tooth’s outer layer will be filed down and removed.
  • Then the professional would make an impression on your trimmed tooth and the ambient teeth.
  • The impression will be sent to the lab. This step could take some weeks. In the meantime, your dentist would cement a temporary crown for temporary restoration.
  • When the lab gives a green light, the final crown or permanent crown made of the material of your choice, like ceramic, would be cemented on your tooth. ​A local anesthetic could be used in this step to numb the tooth.

At the end of the procedure, you can enjoy a beautiful smile with your newly cemented crowns.

Same-Day Procedure

In the same-day procedure, there is no need to use a temporary crown.

  • Some photographs would be taken of your mouth.
  • With the photos as reference, the professional would make the crowns in the office itself. The wait time could be around 1 or 2 hours.
  • Once made, the crowns would be cemented to the tooth. The whole procedure could take about 2-4 hours.

Check with a dental clinic to see which procedure is the best for you. If you need advice on crowns or bridges or want to get them cemented in Hicksville, visit R & R Dental. Contact us for a healthy smile treatment.

Dental Crowns In Hicksville

Why Choose R & R Dental For Dental Crowns, Hicksville NY

R & R Dental is a general dentistry clinic that offers a full range of dental services in Hicksville, NY. Be it dental cleanings, dental implants, bridge fixing of missing teeth or damaged teeth, root canal therapy, restoration of original teeth, and several other procedures. We use cutting-edge technology and equipment to perform the treatments, ensuring safe and fast procedures. Our staff is highly trained and experienced, so you can trust us with your well-being and won’t regret it!

Schedule an appointment with us today for a diagnosis in Hicksville and enjoy a beautiful smile and improved natural teeth with crowns and bridges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my dental crown last?

The lifespan of your crown would depend mainly on the material of the crown, among other things. For instance, porcelain crowns can last about 15 years with adequate care. However, some can even cross 20 years. Porcelain and all-ceramic crowns are the best material for crowns because they are hard and durable.

How much do dental crowns cost?

Regular crowns could cost you anything between $1100 and $1500. The price would depend upon the type of crown, the material, the dentist you associate with, and the specific procedure you have chosen. You should be able to get an estimate during a dental consultation.

If you suspect a damaged tooth or have a requirement for bridges and crowns, you can contact R & R Dental to get started on your treatment as soon as possible.

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