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Our smiles are one of the first things others see when they look at us. As an expression of our joy when talking to our family and friends, having a bright, beautiful smile is a way to let your inner light shine through.

But achieving a perfectly white smile isn’t something easy to navigate. Having a great smile is an asset not easily achieved - whether you struggle with finding a dentist in Westbury, NY, or have not found commercial teeth whitening kits to work.

Thankfully, at R+R Dental in NY, we offer Zoom whitening services to help you achieve eight shades of whiter teeth in Westbury, NY. For teeth whitening and a brighter smile, there our team consists of dentist in Westbury, and surrounding areas can count on.

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What is Zoom tooth whitening?

If you want a teeth whitening treatment that will brighten your teeth, Zoom is for you. Zoom whitening is a bleaching process. The Zoom teeth whitening system consists of a patent-pending gel that can be used either during an appointment or in a take-home system.

If your teeth suffer from discoloration of any kind, whether it be of the enamel or dentin, Zoom whitening can help!

First seen on Extreme Makeover, Zoom is a chairside procedure that is quick, painless, and most importantly, safe. Teeth whitening under the supervision of a dentist is one of the safest dental services available in NY.

During the Zoom process, a dentist will isolate the teeth being treated. Your dentist will then protect your gums and lips to keep them safe. A whitening gel is placed on your teeth which your dentist will activate by directing a specially designed lamp toward your teeth.

The main ingredient in Zoom is its active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide works by bleaching any colored substances on your tooth’s enamel and dentin as it breaks down.

When hydrogen peroxide breaks down, oxygen begins entering your tooth’s enamel and dentin to bleach it while still maintaining your tooth’s integrity thoroughly. Meanwhile, the Zoom light activates the hydrogen peroxide further, helping it penetrate your tooth’s surface.

Unlike commercial tooth whitening strips or gels that need to be painted on, Zoom whitening takes a fraction of the time. Using the Zoom teeth whitening system, your teeth can be whitened an average of eight shades in about an hour if used during an in-office appointment.

What can cause tooth discoloration?

There are a variety of reasons teeth can become discolored. If you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker, your teeth may not be as white as they could be. It’s not just coffee and tea, though: caffeinate, in general, can cause discoloration. Soft drinks are also a common culprit.

Red wine can add to tooth discoloration, as well as tobacco. These substances stain and leave their color on your teeth’s enamel. Your teeth can also be discolored during tooth formation. This is due to the consumption of tetracycline, certain antibiotics, and excessive fluoride.

While the dietary choices and social habits that cause our teeth to become discolored can be fun, having discolored teeth can take a toll on your appearance.

Our teeth are yellow naturally as we age, so that tooth discoloration can age you quite a bit. Not only does it age you, but this can begin to impact your confidence, as well.

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How is the Zoom Take-Home System different from Zoom In-Office System?

There are two ways you can utilize the Zoom teeth whitening treatment. If you want immediate results, you can visit R+R Dental to receive Zoom teeth whitening Hicksville, NY.

The painless treatment will take just over an hour and is one of the fastest methods of whitening your smile. On average, the in-office system will whiten your teeth up to eight shades.

One of the notable differences between the take-home system and the in-office system is the number of shades that you can lighten in one sitting: the take-home system averages six shades over three nights.

Additionally, the Zoom in-office system will whiten your teeth in approximately an hour, while the take-home system must be worn for four to eight hours per application.

Your dentist can assist in advising how long each application should be worn. Rather than the process being completed in one sitting, the take-home system will need three applications for the best results.

While both the in-office and take-home systems are comfortable and painless, you may prefer one over the other. When receiving the Zoom in-office system, you can enjoy teeth whitening services while relaxing in a dentistry chair. Meanwhile, the take-home system can be used in the comfort of your home.

To decide which system is best for you and your needs, you can consult with one of our laser dentists and cosmetic dentist Westbury, NY at R+R Dental to discuss which services you would like.

While tooth whitening strips, gels, and toothpaste can take weeks or months to whiten your teeth, the Zoom process includes ingredients that can whiten your teeth much faster in-office.

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