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R+R Dental caters to patients from toddlers to adults for an all-inclusive dental experience for the whole family. Focusing on positive and proactive dental care for children, this Hicksville, NY dental office offers preventative and restorative care for every generation. Help your children learn to take care of their teeth through enjoyable dental visits with Dr. Michael Richer and Dr. Nadia Rivera and ensure healthy teeth for a lifetime.

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Family Friendly Dentistry

The entire family is welcome at R+R Dental, from little ones sprouting their first tooth to mature adults with reparative dental needs. The goal is to provide a calming and comfortable place for all patients. They achieve this through a welcoming environment and exceptionally friendly staff.

Inspire a lifelong dedication to healthy teeth with fun and informative dental visits. For children coming in for their first dental visit, whether they have one tooth or ten, the experienced dental staff handles any questions or concerns from kids and parents alike.

With nitrous oxide for pain relief during procedures such as fillings or extractions, kids can feel relaxed and comfortable during both routine care and special treatment appointments. Because fear of the dentist is common for kids, the staff at R+R Dental work hard to ensure that even the youngest children are comfortable and calm during each appointment.

Older children and teens who are just entering the world of orthodontics will appreciate the use of Invisalign in place of traditional braces and retainers. Invisalign gives kids, as well as adults, the option for nearly invisible alignment of crooked teeth that fits into their lives, not the other way around. Avoid embarrassing elastic bands breaking and painful metal scraping and introduce teens to Invisalign tooth aligners.

Routine oral hygiene visits combined with a range of specialty services such as Invisalign and teeth whitening gives appearance-conscious teens the option to stand out, in a positive way. At the same time, top-quality care and accommodations give parents peace of mind.

Why Choose R+R Dental for Kids Dentistry?

Dentistry for kids poses a unique set of challenges, as well as an enormous opportunity for educating children about the importance of dental health. Getting kids in to see their dentist regularly, and to develop a relationship with him or her, helps give them the confidence to take care of their teeth on their own.

Regular preventative dental care is necessary for all patients, but it’s extremely vital for younger children who have a lifetime of tooth brushing and flossing ahead of them. With an office that caters to all ages, the whole family can visit one location and have their dental needs met, and their expectations exceeded.

All dental professionals recognize the importance of encouraging kids to brush thoroughly, floss, and reduce their intake of sweet and acidic foods. However, promoting oral health involves more than just handing children a toothbrush and showing them how to floss. It requires compassionate care with a team of dental professionals you can trust.

That’s what dentistry for kids is all about at this Hicksville dental office. Between dealing with cavities, performing fillings, and preparing kids for orthodontic treatment, R+R Dental knows that every child is different.

That’s why children who are new to the dentist or who may have had negative experiences in the past can ease into dental care with Dr. Richer and Dr. Rivera. Familiar, friendly faces tend to kids at each visit, helping them acclimate to the new environment and experiences.

Scheduling Flexibility at R+R Dental

When the whole family visits the same dentist, they can grow together. Apart from convenience, keeping kids with the same dentist over the course of cavities, orthodontics, and other dental needs maintains a thorough record of care.

Extended hours let you schedule the time that’s convenient for your family. Dentistry for kids must work around their schedules. Whether that’s daily school hours, extracurricular events and activities, or regular sports practice, R+R Dental offers appointment times outside of traditional hours.

Evening hours mean you can have children’s dental needs taken care of outside of the school day, meaning less missed class time. Weekend appointments let you schedule dental visits during your family’s downtime so that kids don’t miss important weekday activities or outings.

Because parents are busy too, appointments are available via phone or through an online form. Choose the day and time that works for you, and visit R+R Dental for every preventative or emergency dental need.

Contact R+R Dental today to start your children, and the rest of your family, on the journey toward healthier teeth and happier smiles.

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