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The dentists at R+R Dental know that patients want to help their families maintain beautiful smiles — and we use modern technology to do just that. Our dental lasers can be used for a variety of dental procedures. Contact us today to book an appointment and discuss how laser dentistry can help you.

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Modern dentistry has advanced significantly with the development of dental laser technology. Dental offices use lasers to treat periodontal disease, fix tooth decay, cure filling materials, perform biopsies of oral lesions, perform dental implants, and activate teeth whitening systems.

Is Laser Dental Surgery Painful?

Your dentist in Plainview, NY, can use modern approaches for treatment, creating a stress-free way to treat gums and teeth without the pain typically reported from similar procedures using drills and cleaning tools. After taking digital X-rays, laser procedures can be used for many treatments.

Common hard tissue dental procedures performed by lasers include:

  • Early detection of cavities and tooth decay
  • Killing off bacteria that cavities can harbor to help improve the tooth’s health for a longer stretch of time
  • Improving tooth sensitivity to cold and hot

Common soft tissue dental procedures performed by lasers on Long Island include the following:

  • Crown lengthening to reshape bone and gum tissue for a healthier structure of the tooth and to help with the placement of restorations on the tooth
  • “Gummy smile” cosmetic treatments to reshape the gum tissue that can create a “gummy smile”, where much of the tooth is covered by lengthy gum
  • Treating attachment of the tongue frenulum, also known as a tongue tie. If a patient is born with a tight frenulum, it can cause difficulty in breastfeeding or lead to a speech impediment
  • Soft tissue fold removal caused by ill-fitting dentures without the use of sutures or related pain

Is Laser Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Our dental practice prefers laser root canal because it is less aggressive than traditional root canal treatment, making it painless with a decrease in post-op complications, such as pain, bleeding, and swelling. Faster healing and less chance of contamination and infection are some of the additional benefits of laser root canal treatment.

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Laser Dentistry at R+R Dental Plainview, NY

Dr. Richer and Dr. Rivera provide dental care through the use of dental lasers to help create beautiful, healthy smiles in a pain-free way. Dental work should not be scary or painful, and modern technology has helped advance dentistry to provide fast and worry-free dental treatments for patients of all ages. 

The friendly staff at R+R Dental of Plainview, NY, wants to invite you to meet our doctors and hygienists and see how laser dentistry can be the solution to all your dental needs. Contact us today to book an appointment using our online form, or call and speak with one of our receptionists.

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