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If you’re uncomfortable showing your smile, Invisalign offers a flexible and pain-free way to fix it. At R+R Dental in Plainview, NY, we can help you get a straight smile without the restrictions imposed by traditional braces.

How Can Invisalign Help?

The demand for invisible orthodontics is growing as many people grapple with misaligned teeth. Adults and children can use these invisible trays that are customized to fit teeth and coax them into proper placement.

Known as malocclusion, the misalignment of teeth is one of the third most prevalent dental issues. The graph below illustrates the rise in use of invisible orthodontics.

U.S. Invisible Orthodontics Market

This innovation in dentistry scans your teeth. Trays are then created from the dental scans to create the perfect fit. They are removable, invisible, and more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

During Invisalign treatments, you’ll wear progressive sets of invisible trays that will slowly and painlessly shift your teeth into the proper position. It typically takes about 12 months to fix adult teeth. For teens, it may take a shorter time to achieve these results.

Since every person is different, we invite you to visit us at R+R Dental in Plainview, NY to see if Invisalign is right for you.

What Makes Invisalign a Great Option?

While you can still get metal braces, Invisalign offers a way to correct your teeth without the inconveniences associated with the traditional form of orthodontics. Metal braces are notorious for scraping the interior of the mouth and require frequent dental office visits to make adjustments.

Since Invisalign is customized to the specific contours of your mouth, you’ll be on your way to a better smile without tightening brackets or reattaching wires. They are removable, making it much easier to eat and drink. Without the traditional difficulties of braces, it’s easier to floss and brush to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout the process.

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign in Plainview, NY is recommended for patients in their early teen years to those in adulthood. The only way to determine if Invisalign is ideal for you is by visiting the caring dental team at R+R Dental for an evaluation.

If your teeth need straightening to close gaps and give you a proper bite, you will find that the clear Invisalign trays make them unnoticeable to others. This is great for adults and teens who worry about smiling with a mouth full of metal.

Schedule an appointment at R+R Dental in Plainview, NY today to see if Invisalign can help you with your dental concerns.

Why Choose R+R Dental?

R+R Dental takes great pride in providing Invisalign treatments to the residents of Plainview, NY and the surrounding areas. This incredible innovation in dentistry provides a smart, effective, painless, and affordable solution to correcting and straightening teeth.

When you need a dentist in Plainview who can help you with Invisalign treatments, R+R Dental is the top choice in the area. Set an appointment today to start fixing your teeth!

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