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CEREC Digital Dentistry In Hicksville, NY

Your teeth can become damaged due to poor oral hygiene habits and lifestyle factors. Restoring damaged teeth is the best way to keep them healthy and strong and to eliminate the need for eventual extractions. Some restorative dental procedures that are designed to improve the appearance of one’s teeth require multiple appointments or wearing temporary restorations until the permanent piece is available. R+R Dental in Hicksville, NY offers CEREC Digital Dentistry, which utilizes the latest in dental technology so that you can have your teeth restored in one visit.

CEREC Digital Dentistry

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An In-Depth Look at CEREC Digital Dentistry

Modern dentistry has come a long way since its early existence, using life changing and time- saving technology. CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, allows Dr. Michael Richer and Dr. Nadia Rivera to design, create, and restore your teeth during one visit to R+R Dental.

At your appointment, your dentist will apply a thin layer of reflective powder onto the tooth that needs a crown or filling. He or she uses a 3D imaging camera to take a photo of your tooth and using CEREC software, your restoration design is created. Diamond burrs (blades), which is a standard tool when making tooth crowns fabricate the restorative piece on ceramic.

The ceramic is bonded to your tooth with special cement and a laser and since the software designs an accurate restoration, it’s a perfect fit.

How Does CEREC Differ from Other Restorations?

The biggest difference between this advanced technology and traditional restorations is that it is time-saving. If you have a regular crown put on a damaged tooth, you are fitted with a temporary crown until a permanent one is built. CEREC Digital Dentistry allows dentists to do all the work on-site and patients only need to schedule one appointment.

Getting a permanent restoration immediately can decrease the chances of any discomfort of an ill-fitting temporary crown or the inconvenience of clearing time in your busy schedule. The 3D imaging camera and software creates a restoration that fits the first time perfectly. Since ceramic is used to make crowns and fillings, they are more durable than traditional composite.

Does Ceramic Restoration Look Natural?

If you’ve never had restoration work done to your teeth, you may worry that the result will look unnatural. CEREC technology not only makes the restoration fit perfectly on your tooth but it also creates a nearly identical match to your natural tooth color.

The ceramic is also polished to match the rest of your teeth, and it becomes nearly impossible to determine what tooth is natural and which one has restorative dental work.

How Long Does the Whole Process Take?

When all the work is done in one day, many patients may assume that the whole process will take all day. At R+R Dental, we value our patients’ time but we also want to ensure that our work exceeds our expectations and the patient experience remains positive.

CEREC restorations typically take around two hours but the time can vary depending on how many teeth need restoring.

Will the Process Be Painful?

Patients experience different levels of discomfort when having restorative work done. CEREC Digital Dentistry, itself, is not painful as it’s a series of pictures, an application of powders, and putting on the ceramic crown.

If you experience any pain during the process, as always, the staff at R+R Dental will make it as comfortable of a procedure as possible.

Helpful Tips for Caring for Ceramic Crowns and Fillings

Once your teeth are restored using CEREC Digital Dentistry, you are likely to feel more confident about how your teeth look and feel. Ceramic is stronger and more durable, but as with natural teeth, they are prone to cracking or chipping.

After your procedure, you will receive some helpful tips for extending the life of your ceramic crown but most importantly, continue a healthy dental hygiene routine. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, avoid using brushes or tools that will scratch the surface.

Even though your crown will be a perfect fit on your tooth, you may find it difficult to floss. If this is the case, ask your dentist to show you a safe and effective flossing technique. Scheduling regular checkups and cleanings at R+R Dental will also ensure that your restoration remains strong and secure. Contact us today.

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