Superior Dentistry

We apply the most modern dental practices daily.

Modern Technology

All of our equipment used is of the highest quality.

Visit in Comfort

Enjoy our clean, uncluttered office, which provides a great atmosphere for our patients.

Great Team

Feel at ease with our caring and compassionate office staff.


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We Make Happy, Healthy Smiles

We know your smile is important to you, it is important to us too.

That is why we use the latest dental technology, offer a full range of dental services and build personal relationships with our patients. You will be treated like family when you visit our office in Hicksville, NY.

It's Time To Indulge In...

Premium Cosmetic & General Dentistry

At R+R Dental, our services are wide-ranging and comprehensive. All services are provided in our comfortable, luxury office.

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Mon-Tues:: 10 AM, Wed: 8AM, Thurs: 10AM, Fri-Sat: 9 AM

754 S Broadway

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Dental Anxiety

We have options to help with common Dental Anxiety.

Missing Teeth

We can restore missing or broken teeth and recreate your natural smile.

Tooth Pain

Our comprehensive examinations will reveal causes of Tooth Pain.

Periodontal Disease

We customize our periodontal treatments to meet your specific needs.

Caring, Helpful Dentists

Dr. Michael Richer and Dr. Nadia Rivera lead the team at R+R Dental to provide you with top class service!

Introducing CEREC: One-Visit Dentistry

CEREC Digital Dentistry

  • Metal-free, bio-compatible, plaque resistant, long-lasting results
  • Combines healthy tooth material with anti-abrasive ceramics
  • Hi-tech accuracy for natural, tooth-colored restoration

754 S. Broadway

Hicksville, NY 11801

(516) 874-7834

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Opening Hours

Mon-Tues: 10 AM, Wed: 8 AM, Thurs: 10 AM, Fri-Sat: 9 AM

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