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A Smile is the Most Beautiful Thing a Person Can Wear

The Benefits of Visiting a Hicksville Dentist for Both General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiles. They’re free, they’re beautiful, they light up a room, and they can make someone’s day more cheerful. But for people who are not happy with their teeth when it comes to alignment, discoloration, or embarrassing gaps from missing teeth, a smile is something they don’t offer up frequently. Crowding, spacing issues or an over/underbite are all situations that keep individuals from smiling freely, and they end up limiting the frequency of their smile all together.


Help is available. There are Hicksville dentist offices that provide both routine and cosmetic dentistry services and getting an appointment for consultation is easy. Whether Hicksville residents are interested in getting dentures, whitening their teeth, getting porcelain veneer applied to their teeth, straightening their teeth, or if they have an emergency dental problem, they can rest assured there is a dentist available to assist.


Straightening Teeth

Lots of people are of the mindset that straightening teeth is a two-year (or more) process with painful metal braces, rubber bands, lots of adjustments, and tons of appointments at the dental office encroaching on their valuable time. Therefore, they continue to live with crooked teeth, teeth with gaps, or other types of alignment or crowding problems. There is absolutely no need to put off straightening. Cosmetic dentistry offices in Hicksville, offering clear aligners made of plastic, such as Invisalign, can simplify the whole process, making it readily attainable and easy to wear a smile that evokes confidence and self-assurance, even during the straightening process. The aligners are barely noticeable, and they are removable, which simplifies everything.


Is Invisalign Right for Everyone?

Invisalign isn’t just for teens, it is a viable option for mature adults as well. Because each person’s situation is unique, a Hicksville dentist will evaluate the needs of each patient and determine the best possible teeth-straightening process to be used. Unlike metal braces with rubber bands and adjustments, Invisalign aligners can be removed for brushing and eating, so a person’s normal routine isn’t interrupted. Regular checkups with the dentist to monitor progress and fit the next set of aligners is all part of this painless route to straightening, which can lead to a more beautiful smile and improved self-confidence.


Can People Who Formerly Wore Braces Be Invisalign Candidates?

Even patients who have previously worn braces or retainers can benefit from Invisalign as a way to correct their teeth and restore a beautiful smile. Consulting a dental office is the first step. A comprehensive scan of the patient’s mouth is taken to map out just the right treatment for aligning the teeth. There’s no guesswork with the dentist’s use of simulation software for each unique smile, and the results are very predictable. 


Discover the Benefits of Visiting a Hicksville Dentist’s Office

Finding an experienced, caring dentist with a compassionate staff is of paramount importance. Choosing a dentist in Hicksville that offers routine check-ups as well as emergency and cosmetic dentistry services is the best route to take for comprehensive care all under one roof. Whether families need a dentist for routine exams, pediatric dentistry, restorative work (such as fillings and crowns), emergency treatment, teeth whitening, or bridges, dentures or straightening, seeking out a dental office in Hicksville that offers all these services will ensure holistic care for the whole family, and a relationship that will last for years to come. 

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