Solea Anesthesia-Free Dental Laser Cavity Fillings on Long Island NY
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What is Solea Laser Dental Technology?

R & R Dental located in Hicksville, NY, is committed to changing how you view going to the dentist.  By investing in Solea’s laser technology, now over 90% of our dental procedures anesthesia-free! Solea is the first CO2 dental laser system on Long Island NY that is cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue procedures.

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Why Solea?

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FAQ's About Solea Laser Dentistry

So you can understand how this laser technology can drastically change how you view view going to the dentist. Here are some answers to the questions you may have about these procedures.

The Solea dental laser now available at R & R Dental on Long Island NY, is the only one of its kind that operates at a unique wavelength with sophisticated yet simple computer controls. This enables high-speed, precision cutting on both hard and soft tissue. Working from gingiva to dentin as well bone level in just five minutes per session for enamel strengthening – it’s never been easier than now!

The vast majority of people feel nothing during their dental procedure while others report a mild sensation. The results are also virtually painless for most patients, with few experiencing any discomfort after the treatment and only those who have sore throats left behind them as signs that it was done incorrectly.

Solea is cleared to cut enamel (teeth), soft tissue (gum), and bone. Some procedure examples include cavities, gingivectomies, frenectomies, aphthous ulcers, fibroma removals, crown lengthenings, and more.

Most don’t realize that Solea Sleep is also a treatment for snoring.

It’s great for kids. It’s faster, and most procedures are done without a shot, the drill or pain. Because there is no need for a shot, multiple procedures can be done in one appointment, meaning less time at the dentist. A child can go right back to school or eat right after their appointment because they don’t leave with a numb feeling.

It is actually a safer procedure as there is no need to inject the pregnant patient with anesthetics for the majority of our procedures.

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R & R Dental is now able to provide anesthesia-free dental procedures faster, and more accurately.  While you are able to get back to your daily routine with no pain or numbness. Schedule your dental cleaning or cavity filling, or for any other concerns, contact your dentist Hicksville NY by calling us at (516) 874 – 7834 or by filling out our appointment form here.

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