Have a snoring problem?

Solea Laser Technology can help.

R & R Dental now offers Solea Sleep Laser Technology to help the 90 million adults who snore. Rapid relief in 5 minutes!

Solea Sleep Snoring Relief in Hicksville, NY

Solea Sleep is a revolutionary procedure in the evolving field of ‘dental sleep medicine’. The procedure involves the use of dental lasers, focusing certain levels of wavelength towards the soft palate tissue in our oral cavities to quickly tighten collagen fibers in these tissues. This tightened soft palate tissue opens up our airways, reducing the vibrations that cause people to snore during sleep. Since 80% of people who snore are ‘palatal’ or mouth-snorers, this dental procedure is truly beneficial for a lot of people suffering from such a condition, and paves the way for even more opportunities for advancement in the field of dental sleep.


How Does Solea Sleep Work?

What truly makes Solea Sleep even more of a game-changer is the fact that it is truly non-invasive and is geared towards patient’s comfort, with little to no post-treatment pain, downtime, or discomfort. A majority of patients who underwent Solea Sleep reported feeling nothing during the procedure, with a few exceptions reporting only a warm sensation. Topical anesthetic spray is applied to the soft palate before the actual procedure, eliminating discomfort or potential gagging. You can go inside the dental office, get treated with Solea Sleep, and feel practically normal afterwards. In approximately 5 minutes, you’ll be out of the office with a completely relaxed set of soft palate tissues that is guaranteed to let you sleep better later that night.

What are the benefits of Solea Sleep Dentistry?

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Solea Sleep at R & R Dental, Long Island

Now if you live in and around Long Island, or in the nearby areas of New York, and you’re thinking about getting this procedure done (or if you simply have some questions for your dentist), there’s no other dental clinic better than R & R Dental on Long Island, NY. The professionals over at R & R Dental have been providing premium cosmetic family dentistry to the residents of Hicksville, New York, and to surrounding areas throughout the last decade. They’ve been improving smiles and improving lives through trusted, traditionally sound means, and they prioritize and put an emphasis on modern technology to provide modern, more efficient solutions. By offering a range of newer, more advanced procedures in the field of dental medicine, Dr. Richer and Dr. Rivera, owners and namesakes of R & R Dental Long Island NY, are dedicated to using the fullest range of dental techniques possible in order to bring out the best smiles for their patients.

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