Invisalign in Hicksville, NY

If you want to be more confident in your smile, you’ve probably been exploring solutions, and braces seem to be a tough choice to make.

At R & R Dental, we understand. Braces make a bold statement, and many people shy away from screaming that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Fortunately, thanks to modern orthodontics, there’s another alternative to braces, Invisalign, and we'll guide you through this topic to help you make a better decision before getting Invisalign in Hicksville, NY.

Here's everything you need to know about Invisalign.

First off, what is Invisalign?

Like braces, Invisalign is designed to correct teeth misalignment. These orthodontic tools are made of clear, durable, and smooth plastic molded to epitomize your teeth framework. Your orthodontist will fit the aligners over your teeth. You will be required to check in with the orthodontist at least every two weeks for a new set of aligners that align with your already straightening teeth.

Yes, they are invisible AND removable.

Invisalign offers an option that braces do not. You can remove them when brushing teeth, flossing, drinking, and eating. This benefit makes these aligners a better choice compared to braces.

Although today there are clear braces, Invisalign almost goes unnoticeable. These aligners make the perfect solution for people who are self-conscious and would want to keep this ongoing treatment news to themselves. Nonetheless, they require high levels of care and attention to maintain their sparkle.

In order for them to be as effective as possible, there are a few things you'll need to do: 

Keep your Invisalign in as much as possible.

We recommend keeping your aligners in for as long as possible daily for the best results. Let the aligners sit on your teeth for a minimum of about 22 hours a day. Only snap them out when eating, drinking, brushing, or flossing. The longer they stay in, the quicker and better your teeth align.

Remember to maintain good dental hygiene habits as usual.

Wearing clear aligners shouldn’t deter your everyday dental hygiene routines. You are allowed to snap out your Invisalign and brush your teeth for about three minutes, reaching the back of your mouth and all its corners. Take as much time as possible to floss your teeth. Avoid taking sugary foods and drinks that stain teeth and aligners. Clean your aligners as well to keep the bacteria at bay.

Expect some discomfort.

Similarly with braces, you will experience some discomfort after forcing your teeth to move into correct alignment once the Invisalign is fitted. You may feel some sensitivity or pain. Some patients report that their teeth feel loose during the first 48 hours after fixing the aligners. Fortunately, the discomfort subsides as the teeth shift into position.

Treatment periods vary for every individual.

You are probably wondering how long it takes to see results once you start Invisalign treatment. For most people, it lasts anywhere from six months to one year, depending on the severity of the crooked teeth. Some reports indicate that these aligners yield results faster compared to metal braces. Patients who follow dentistry instructions attached to Invisalign, such as timely aligner changes, see desirable results in no time.

Intended for all ages.

If you are worried that your teen is too young for clear aligner treatment, or probably you are too old to fix your smile, you are wrong. These aligners have proven to be the right solution for adults and teens due to their clear and unnoticeable nature. Regardless of your age, you stand to benefit from these incredible orthodontic tools.

You’ll still need a retainer.

Invisalign is a revolutionary dentistry treatment that quickly yields desirable results and gives you the option to remain anonymous. Nonetheless, treatment with aligners doesn’t stop after you outgrow the trays. You’ll still need a retainer for your straightened teeth, which your dentist will instruct you to fit them in every night after aligner treatment. Retainers do an excellent job of preventing your teeth from shifting back into misalignment. Fortunately, it’s going to be easy as you’ll have already gotten used to the feeling. Make it a habit to fit a retainer every day before retiring to bed to maintain that smile.

Invisalign Cost

If you're thinking that Invisalign is the perfect option for you, then you're probably wondering how much it's going to cost, and typically, the cost of Invisalign is very similar to braces. But the real answer is that it depends on a few factors such as how much work needs to be done, the dentist you use, and how much your insurance will cover. 

Your first step is to schedule a visit with your dentist and get a quote. Then, you can find out how much insurance is going to cover, and in many cases, it may cover up to $3,500. From there, you'll know your remaining balance, and you and your dentist may be able to work out a payment plan that can make it affordable for your budget.

There you have it!

There’s everything you need to know before getting Invisalign at our R & R dental clinic in Hicksville, NY, and we want to help you get the smile you dream of, and the one you deserve! Trust us, making the decision to go forward with Invisalign is not one you’ll regret. In fact, most of our patients regret not doing it sooner.

With a more beautiful smile and increased confidence, what do you  have to lose? Absolutely nothing. Our dental team is here and ready to help you get the smile you deserve in our state-of-the-art, spa-like office so you can get the treatment you need in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. 

Do you need more information about Invisalign? Contact us today to set up an appointment with us and let us help you win back your smile.

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