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Transform Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers!

R+R Dental in Hicksville NY can give you a whole new smile with porcelain veneers . Veneers are an excellent cost-effective way to cover minor flaws or blemishes in your teeth. The issues which can be greatly improved with veneers include:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Minor chips or cracks
  • Slight teeth misalignment

What are porcelain veneers? They are a thin cap-like structure produced for each tooth that covers the tooth surface and offers a white surface free of blemishes. They also offer protection for teeth that are chipped or cracked, protecting them from further damage. Porcelain veneers can often last 10-15 years or more with routine dental hygiene.

Veneers cannot eliminate problems with teeth that are severely decayed or cracked. Therefore it is important to stop tooth decay early so a veneer might be used. They also do not replace crowns or implants needed for missing or damaged teeth. As long as the original tooth is intact and mostly free of damage, porcelain veneers are an excellent choice to transform your smile.

To use porcelain veneers, R+R Dental will first inspect your teeth to ensure you are a good candidate. The teeth will be digitally mapped to create the template for your veneers because they must fit closely to your existing teeth. The teeth surfaces will be prepared and a temporary covering will be placed over the teeth until the veneers are ready. On a second visit, the porcelain veneers will be permanently attached to your teeth. Depending on the amount of preparatory work anesthesia or pain medication may be desired. You can discuss this with the dentist during your initial consultation.

R+R Dental is conveniently located at 754 S. Broadway in Hicksville . We offer a full line of dental services with a great professional team and the latest in dental technology. Call us today for a consultation about porcelain veneers or any other services at 516-874-7834.


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