Onlays and Inlays

The Facts on Tooth Repairs and Filling Replacements

A chipped tooth, broken tooth, or cavity can cause oral health problems. It can also look less than appealing. If you want to improve your smile and your oral health, you may be interested in tooth repairs and fillings. To learn more about tooth repairs and filling replacements, keep reading.

There are two types of tooth repairs: onlays and inlays. Onlays are extensive tooth repairs that are one step below a crown. This repair restores severely damaged teeth, such as teeth that have cuspal fractures. Meanwhile, inlays are restorations that are performed on teeth that have severe fractures that prevent teeth from continuing to decay. Inlays are a less invasive option. An inlay is applied to the parts of the tooth within the cusp tips. Depending on your teeth, one option is more suitable for you than the other. A professional dentist can determine which treatment is most suitable for your specific condition or problem.

The first step to receiving tooth repairs is a consultation with a dentist. The consultation is painless and noninvasive. A dentist will evaluate your specific concerns to determine which procedure is most suitable for you. It is possible that a dentist will create an impression of your teeth to gain a better understanding of your needs. Once a dentist determines which approach is best for your needs, you can schedule your procedure.

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