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R+R Dental is Also Here for Your Kids!

Oral hygiene is important when it comes to overall health. Of course, you want to take care of yourself, but you also want to take care of your children. R + R Dental is also here for your kids! We are a family-friendly dentist that can care for your needs and the needs of your children.

It is important that your child visits the dentist. Whether they are growing their first tooth or are in need of more mature dental care, we have your children covered. We are a professional and friendly dental office that strives to create a calming and comfortable environment for patients of all ages.

We have tools that are safe for children at our dental office. We can use nitrous oxide for pain relief when your little one is getting a filling or extraction. We also have Invisalign available to older children who are entering the world of orthodontics. If crooked teeth are a part of your child's life, we can help them achieve the smile of their dreams!

At R+R Dental, we understand the many children have a fear of the dentist. We are prepared to work with your child. Our goal is to care for your child's teeth, while also creating a welcoming and relaxing environment that they can feel safe in. We want your child to have positive oral hygiene and a positive experience at our office. In addition to our services, we can also teach your child how to care for their smile. We don't just show your child how to floss or brush correctly, we also approach each patient with compassion and care. At R + R Dental, we want all members of your family to feel happy and confident with their smile.

We offer flexible scheduling at R+R Dental to accommodate your entire family. To book an appointment, feel free to call us at 516-874-7834, or fill out the form on our website!


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