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Dr.Michael Richer

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Graduated from the State University of Buffalo with a Bachelors in Biology

Graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry

Ranked among the Top 10 Dental Schools in North America

Hicksville Dentists Offer Something to Smile About

People can regain function and get the smile they’ve always wanted with a visit to a Hicksville dentist.

People who look in the mirror and aren’t happy with their appearance are often drawn to cosmetic dentistry, and for good reason. Research shows that a person’s smile is one of the first things that is noticed, and many people don’t smile readily because they are not proud of their teeth. Looking at pictures of Christie Brinkley, they may never be able to replicate that model figure, but they may be able to match her perfect white smile! When they start researching, many people are surprised to find that there are fast, affordable, and permanent options available to them in their Hicksville dentist’s office.

Rapid results with Zoom teeth whitening

For patients with healthy teeth and gums (and a minimum of crowns or other restorative work), teeth whitening is a popular choice. Zoom teeth whitening can dramatically whiten teeth in as little as one hour at the dentist. It works amazingly well, especially for people with yellowing or discolored teeth. The dentist will show the patient a color chart and match one’s current tooth color for comparison purposes.

Zoom whitening can lighten teeth up to eight shades lighter, and utilizes a peroxide-based solution combined with a specialized blue light to speed the process. The in-office procedure takes about forty-five minutes, and patients are sent home with an at-home kit for follow-up care. Most Hicksville dentists recommend that patients be over the age of sixteen for optimal results.

Optimize appearance via cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is performed more to enhance appearance, versus general dentistry, which addresses oral health issues. Cosmetic dentistry involves a lot more than teeth whitening. Patients can choose veneers, implants, bridges, crowns and more cosmetic procedures that can help them achieve the beautiful appearance they’ve dreamed about. Hicksville dentists work with each patient individually to determine which of these procedures will provide optimal results.

General dentistry benefits: dentures

Hicksville dentists can help patients via general dentistry, too. Some people struggle for years with poor teeth and wish for a brighter smile and better function. Today’s dentures are dramatically superior to those that individuals may remember from a few decades ago. Hicksville dentists can discuss with their patients the options and benefits of partial and full sets of dentures. Dentures are custom-made and fit to provide a life-changing experience for the patient.

Today’s emergency dentistry brings relief with minimal to no pain

Another key service offered by Hicksville dentists is emergency dentistry. When an accident occurs, or through normal daily living teeth crack or are otherwise in need of repair, the dentist is only a phone call away. Some people might be frightened to go to the dentist, and they live in pain, hoping the bad tooth will get better on its own. Often the issue gets worse; but with today’s modern dental techniques, patients can be confident that they will feel little to no pain, and soon regain function and a brighter smile.

Make an appointment with a Hicksville dentist today

So many benefits await patients in a Hicksville dentist’s office. With current technology, and the skill and care that dentists provide, it’s no wonder so many people love the results they receive from today’s general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. It’s definitely worth it to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment today.

Michael Richer

Graduated from the State University of Buffalo with a Bachelors in Biology

Graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry

Ranked among the Top 10 Dental Schools in North America

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